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  • Recycle Wastes into useful products

  • Rejuvenate the Earth by using environmentally friendly products

  • Regenerate the earth into a better living place for you and me and our future generation.

  • Reverse global warming

  • Reduce Environmental Pollution

Our Workshop includes some hands-on training to participants, teaching then to turn fruits and vergetables wastes into natural enzymes, useful for odour control (including pungent smell) and acting as fertilizers and insects repellents while enhancing stronger growth for potted plants and gardens.

There will be a presentation to bring awareness to participants about Global Warming, its seriousness and effects in our present world.

The Workshop takes approximately 1hr - 1.5hrs.

We thank you in advance and hope you can support our Go Green Community Workshop to bring greater awareness to many.

We can do our bit each day and make Singapore a better living place for you and me.

Please kindly call 98393866 should you need more information.

We look forward to hear from you favorably.


Waste Revolution Workshop

It's Time For Us To Take Responsibility NOW!

The world we live in is on the verge of breaking down – literally!

Reports showed that Singapore is HOTTER THAN BEFORE!

Experts told THE STRAITS TIMES that the increase in temperature is slightly larger in Singapore than in the global average, probably as a result of Singapore being more vulnerable to global emissions. A warming world could have a devastating impact throughout the globe, and on Singapore. Our Nation could suffer from the rising sea levels because of its small land size and flat terrain.

Before the situation becomes irreversible – and we are fast approaching that point – we citizens of Mother Earth MUST stand up and Take Action Now! We have to take responsibility for the well-being of our world by changing the way we release contaminants into the environment. We welcome you to join us in our Go Green Community Program to do our bit to save the planet earth, starting even from our homes!

Empower All Participants :

•We are here to explain the basics – how the world is being strangled and progressively rendered uninhabitable.

•We are here to educate – to help participants to understand how small changes in their daily lives can help make a huge difference to the health of our world.

•We are here to make you more responsible – to show you how each and every one of you is responsible for our planet's plight, and how to reverse the process.

•We will give you a Hands-On Training on how to produce natural enzymes through fruits and vegetables wastes (from homes), and amaze you with knowledge of how simple it is to produce, and how effective it is in action. Ingredients used are non-expensive and non-toxic.

•You will also be shown – right before your eyes – just how thoroughly effective Enzyme is. It is perfectly safe for use at home. And remember – it is the home that produces the largest segment of polluting agents. Help us cut the problem at the root – stop the pollution that starts at home and industrial complexes, and the world will be grateful.

Who are the participants?

This workshop is for participants of age 6 years and above (teachers and parents welcome), preferably.
Our programs also cater for the PCFs and kindergarten levels, making it easy for them to understand the cause and effect of global warming, usage of materials that can be recycled and avoid materials that are not recyclable.

Our goal is to inculcate Green habits unto our young ones, that they will grow up to be responsible for the condition of our Mother Earth. That practice, as life goes along, bring about a better living place and eventually a future and a hope for us all.

The Benefits of our Workshop:

Participants will undergo Hands-On Training on how to make natural enzymes from fruits and vegetables wastes from homes. The Neat Enzyme (which takes 3 months to ferment) can be used as Odour Control (especially at homes where children or the elderly urinated on beds and a little of the enzyme mixed with water in a bottle of spray can help to reduce the pungent smell quickly). It is non mouldy or toxic and very easy and safe to use. It can also be used as fertilisers and plant watering (for potted plants at home or school's compounds), strengthening the roots and cause plants to blossom more healthily. Farmers who used enzymes to spray on their plantations even testified that it is a good repellent of insects!

Help us cut the problem at the root – stop the pollution that starts at home
and industrial complexes, and the world will be grateful.

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